E X C L U S i V E   F A N   S T O R E

The Get in Shapes

Get In Shapes

Wanna be able to power lift your car into any parallel parking space? Get. In Shape. Wanna pop a vein from flexing on the gram so hard?  Get. In. Shape. Wanna be able to consume 227 g’s of protein a day and give zero f*&$s about it? Then it’s time to grab a pair of GET IN SHAPE visor shades and start starring your goals down today! These bad mfers are built for action with polarized, UV 400 lenses. Suns out guns out baby!  Each pair of B Fresh Visor Shades comes equipped with an eye-wear retainer sunglasses strap! No amount of cardio will shake them loose! And once you’ve reached the finish line of that gigantic feat, you’ll be able to hang them from your neck like a goldmedal! Championship sunglasses! What are you waiting for? Get yourself some B Fresh Gear Visor Shades and begin your fitness journey TODAY! 

These will pump you up!  


  • Polarized UV-400 Black Smoke Lenses
  • 90's Abstract Shapes Print
  • Ultra Comfort Nose Piece 
  • Includes Matching Shades Strap
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