E X C L U S i V E   F A N   S T O R E

The Gecko Visor Shades

The Gecko Visor Shades

Gecko Fuchsias

These rad sunglasses are that extra extra! Extra sauce that results in extra nudes sliding in your DMs.

Gecko Hawaii X B Fresh Visor Shades are the reverse catfish. Ain’t no way your online dating profile can live up to this real life magnificence! Your date will need to watch their step to avoid the massive puddles from your drip! One of the best parts, no need for your date to scurry off to the powder room to fix their hair, these lenses are fully reflective! Good for her. And you can see right through their BS cause these lenses are polarized and UV 400! Great for him.

Grab your fuchsia mini gecko print visor shades and rule your dating pool you sexy lil love beast! Shop now and find you your drippy longstockings!

Gecko Purps

Elementary school cool! Forever 90’s! Long live Gecko Hawaii!! If you were rocking Gecko Volleys in the 3rd grade, we are the same and you’re invited to play  laser tag with us. 

The retro drip of our childhoods is back and we’re getting in bed with them! So what happens when B Fresh and Gecko Hawaii hook up? Well, it took us 9 months, but we just birthed the first ever Mini Gecko Visor Shades. These babies are now up for adoption!

Swaggy daddys and Bahama mamas, adopt a pair of sunglasses that will take you places! Yo son, don’t you wanna son that’ll shade you from the sun? Fully reflective, polarized and UV 400 lenses, these retro sunnies future is looking bright as hell!  Forget the college tuition fund, these bad boys’ll pay for themselves long before dorm room hookups. And they’ll land their parents more compliments than a boring a$$ honor roll!  The Gecko Hawaii X B Fresh purple visor shades, an adoption that’ll shade your faces.


  • Polarized lenses
  • UV-400 Protective
  • Vintage Abstract Design
  • Includes Matching Sunglasses Cord

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