The Camo's

Ever tried to play hide and seek from the sun? Even if you’re deep in the bush, that sumabitch will find ya! Find ya and burn ya! That’s why we created these face hiders, The Camo’s Visor shades. The only pair of camouflage sunglasses that seriously camouflage your face! The polarized lenses are equipped with UV 400 protection so your vision is crystal clear! And the visor is equipped with our patented camouflage formula to keep you unseen! Seen and unseen, that’s what these camouflage shades are all about! Now you’re probably asking yourself, what makes B Fresh Gear’s camouflage so high tech? Well, while the other guys use foliage to create their camo formulas, we use babes! That’s right, look a lil closer, the camouflage is composed of their silhouettes. Now you’re already spending all this money on all this hunting equipment and gadgets, what’s a few bucks more? Seriously, how much did that rifle scope run you? Jeeze! And the rifle itself? Don’t be a white liar gun buyer, tell the truth! But you need those essentials in order to bag and tag em’, right?! You know what else you need? The ability to see your mark! That’s right, if you can’t see it, you ain’t gonna hit it, buddy! That’s why you need to invest in camouflage protection for your eyeballs! Seen and unseen, remember that! We offer these high tech camouflage sunnies with smoke grey lenses for the hardcore hunters, and bright orange lenses for the safety orange sammy’s. Easy there fella, there’s no shame in investing in your safety! The Camo’s Visor sunglasses by B Fresh, keep your eyes hidden. 



  • Polarized lenses
  • UV-400 Protective
  • Gecko Hawaii Design
  • Includes Matching Sunglasses Cord
  • Lifetime Supply of Swiggity Swag
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